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Air Quality Data and Dissemination

Turning data into meaningful information Web Data Swirl

Our user friendly public data website has been designed to offer at-a-glance live air quality data across the UK. We provide clients with a gateway for the dissemination of data as well as educational and factual information for members of the public.

In order to meet private companies and the local authorities data management requirements we can manage as much or as little air quality data and provide access to real-time air pollution information and data direct from each monitoring site.

Working together with clients to protect the air we breathe

Our data packages can include the following:

  • Cloud based AQ software
  • Individual client portals
  • Real-time levels of pollution as defined by the Defra Air Pollution Health Bandings
  • User access to historic data, statistics and graphs.
  • Daily Checks of communications, ambient data and automatic calibrations
  • Same day reporting of anomalies
  • Output of data to an FTP site for use on individual website or public display system
  • Educational activities with schools and the general public, to raise awareness of Air Quality
  • Air Quality Surveys & Marketing / PR Consultancy activities
  • Prices starting at just £750


Data Website Site Overview Example

data site overview Data station gaseous example

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or click here to access our data site