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Case Studies

David Mackay of WeCare4Air monitoring pollution at the Supreme Court with EC.airpointer & Sky News

David Mackay of WeCare4Air monitoring pollution at the Supreme Court with EC.airpointer & Sky News

WeCare4Air monitor air pollution live outside the Supreme Court on ClientEarth case judgement day

Wednesday 29th April 2015

UK air quality expert welcomes the verdict and explains air pollution causes and effects

David Mackay, a leading UK air quality expert was invited to the Supreme Court today to provide real time air quality monitoring and explain the serious effects of air pollution on health.


The case was brought against the Environment Secretary by campaign group ClientEarth who argued that cities including London, Birmingham and Leeds would not meet EU pollution limits until 2030 – 20 years after the 2010 deadline.

“I am delighted with the verdict” said David “The impact of air pollution is not given sufficient attention by the UK Government and the public at large are simply not aware of how serious the implications can be.”

David then demonstrated the problems caused by traffic, in particular the issue of “idling” and not switching your engine off when stationary. The portable air quality monitor immediately identified an increase in pollution every time a taxi cab pulled over to drop off a passenger and not one of the taxis switched off their engine, even though some were stationary for 2 – 3 minutes at a time.

“Research proves that if your vehicle remains idle for 30 seconds or more you are not only doing serious damage to the environment, you are also doing damage to your vehicle and wasting fuel” said David. “Every taxi we saw today idled for an average of 90 seconds – there are 25,000 taxis in London and if they all switched their engines off whilst handling fares that would save London over 3,000,000 hours of wasted pollution every year.”

WeCare4Air work with schools, local authorities and the general public, monitoring air quality, providing information about air pollution and advice on how to improve air quality.

Notes to Editors:

1. The air quality monitoring equipment used was the EC Airpointer. This air quality analyser monitors all air pollutants including O3, No2, Nox, S02, CO, PM10, PM2.5.
2. WeCare4Air were invited to the Supreme Court by Sky News and interviewed by News Presenter Enda Brady.
3. For further details please contact Vanessa Ambler, Managing Director or David Mackay, Technical Manager of WeCare4Air on 01279 874628 email hello@wecare4air.com