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OPC Multichannel Monitor (Stand-alone System)

The OPC Stand-alone System can be installed in two different ways:

-  In a standard 19" rack (as can be seen in the image to the left (or above on mobile).

- In an outdoor configuration (as seen below).


OPC Multichannel Monitors:

System for the characterisation in real-time of the airborne particulate matter granulometric distribution in the range of "fine" and "coarse" mass accumulation modes. Such a characterisation takes place giving both the particle number concentration in the 8/22 granulometric intervals of the measurement field and the mass concentration data of the 3 fractions PM10, PM2.5 and PM1. 


- Operating flow rate: 1,0 l/min

- Flow rate control accuracy ± 2%

- Detected granulometric class : > 0.28 µm (optical diameter)

- Reading cycle in continuous 

- Dimensional resolution: 0.05 µm

- Estimation in real-time of PMx mass concentration of the airborne particulate matter. 

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