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Swam 5A

- The Swam 5A Monitor can work with any sampling inlet (for example PM10, Pm2.5, and PM1) within the operating flow rate range 0.8 ÷ 2.5 m³/h.

- Sampling at ambient temperature with measurement of the external temperature and of the temperature near the filter. 

- Sampling on ø 47mm filter membranes, exploitable for further analysis

- Mass measurement using the ß attenuation method

- Completely automatic management of sampling and measurement quality controls with immediate validation of the PMx concentration data. 

- Online monitoring of all parameters characterising the sampling process, with diagnostic warnings. These warnings can be automatically sent to the operator via SMS. 

- Storage of sampling and measurement data on the internal buffer.

- Local control with RS232 serial interface.

- Complete remote instrumental control via modem/GSM.

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