Hydra Dual Channel Sampler

Dual Channel system for the automatic and sequential sampling of particulate matter, on two independent sampling lines.

Hydra Dual Sampler can be used as Reference Sampler. The instrument is TUVCertified as Reference Sampler in conformity with the EN 12341 and EN14907 European Standards for both PM10 and PM2.5.


- Sampling on 47mm diameter filter membranes, exploitable for further analysis.

​- Operation with any sampling inlet (for example PM10, PM2.5, and PM1) within the flow rate range .8 ÷ 2.5 m³/h on two distinct independent channels.

​- Temperature control of the flow through one or both the sampling lines (minimise the volatile material losses).

​- Cooling system for the sampled filters "Unloader" to assure sampled stability.

​- Completely automatic management of the sampling quality controls.

​- Online monitoring of all the parameters characterising the sampling process with diagnostic warning messages of possible anomalies.

​- Complete remote instrumental control via Modem/GSM.