FAI Instruments: Particulate Measurement Experts

FAI are a superb manufacturer specialising in fine particulate measurement, based in Italy just outside of Rome.

We Care 4 Air are the sole distributor for FAI throughout the UK and Ireland. As per of our due diligence we have visited the factory on several occasions for training and to ensure we share the same standards and values. We have been very impressed on every occasion and highly recommendtheir equipment which is built to a very high standard.  Their technical support and customer care is superb. 

The SWAM Dual Channel is a highly accurate particulateanalyser measuring PM 2.5 and 10 simultaneously, saving you space in your cabinet and money in your budget. MCerts and TUV approved, another benefit of this product is that you can remove the filters for analysis of the particulate, to assess the pollution source and devise mitigation solutions.
We Care 4 Air have installed many of these systems into the UK and this equipment is widely acknowledged as the “Gold Standard” of particulate monitoring.