PBL Mixing Monitor

The PBL Mixing Monitor is a sequential automatic system able to estimate the low PBL layers mixing ratio.

The instrument samples, on an hourly basis, the atmospheric particulate matter where Radon progeny fixes. And, by a Geiger-Muller counter, it determines the sample radioactivity level. The instrument manufacturing characteristics allow us to get 24 averages per hour of the natural radioactivity values per every sampling day.


- Operating flow rate of 2.3 m³/h in PBL Monitor mode.

​- Possibility of sampling with operating flow rate value within the range 0.8÷2.5 m³/h in standard sampler mode.

​- Sampling on ø 47mm filter membranes.

​​- Quality controls based on completely automatic management of sampling, ß measurement, and servomechanisms.

​​- On line monitoring of all parameters characterizing the sampling process, with diagnostic warnings. These warnings can be automatically sent to the operator via SMS.

​​- Sampling and measurement data storage on the internal buffer.

​​- Local control with RS232 serial interface.

​- Complete remote instrumental control via Modem/GSM.