Silent Sequential Air Sampler

The Silent Sequential Air Sampler is a sequential instrument specifically developed for particulate matter collection in indoor environments.

This instrument meets the requirements (see below) of PM sampling aimed to the chemical characterisation of the collected dust in domestic environments.

To assure extended unattended sampling periods, up to 4 inlets (each one carrying one membrane filter) can be installed in the sequential unit and programmed for cycles in the desired sequence.


- very low noise (35db), allowing PM collection also in bedrooms, classrooms, hospitals, museums, libraries, etc.

​- PM collection on Æ 47mm  membrane filters, allowing subsequent chemical analyses.

​- PM2.5 or PM10 sampling inlet with the possibility to collect also the coarse fraction (>2.5mm or >10mm).

​- flow rate: 10 l/min, able to assure the collection of a sufficient PM amount for the daily measurement of PM concentration and composition in indoor environments.