Swam 5A Dual Channel Monitor

Automatic dual channel system for airborne particulate matter sampling and mass measurement. The instrument can be used as a Certified Automatic Monitor as well as Reference Sampler.

TUV/MCERTS Certification for both PM10 and PM2.5, in full compliance with the European Standards EN12341 and EN14907.


- Sampler/Monitor: Can be used as both a certified reference sampler and as a certified automatic monitor.

​- 47mm Filter Membranes (Quartz, Glass fibre, Teflon, etc. depending on the specific needs of the user and on the specific operating conditions).

​- Data Capture: Typically 99%

​- Data Validation: all parameters concurring to the measure are visible and traceable.

​- Remote Control: using the GSM/GPRS Modem, the operator is able to connect to the instrument for a complete remote control of the instrument.