Total HydroCarbons analysis with chromaTHC

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CH4 and Non-Methane Total Hydro Carbon (NMTHC) Monitoring and analysis of Methane and Non-Methane Hydrocarbons by flame ionization detection (ppm level analysis)

​The chromaTHC is an automated isothermal industrial gas chromatograph dedicated to the analysis of volatile organic compounds in air (indoor, outdoor, combustion), industrial hygiene, pure gas like N2/CO2/O2.

​As a fully automatic instrument, the CHROMATHC allows un-attended operation after commissioning 24/24.

Unlike other similar analyzers, there is no interference from oxygen.

​To eliminate issues with flame fluctuation, a valve regulates carrier gas (hydrogen or Nitrogen or air).
The retention time drift is less than 0,3 %.

​The instrument has a flame ionization detector (FID) heated at 150°C with auto ignition.

VISTACHROM ® software :

Chromatotec developed software system allows :

​Remote monitoring